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Wireless Networks for Hi-Tech Enterprises

University of Padova gets new research funding as Dean calls for enterprise involvement

From "Corriere del Veneto", July 17th, 2007

PADOVA - A wireless sensor network to develop city maps with rich information content and to support hi-tech projects; the analysis of emotional intelligence to understand the systems to enter the work market; research on the best processes to administer auctions. The scientific effort at the University of Padova aims at enterprise involvement, judging from the winners of the first call for projects by the "Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo" (CaRiPaRo) Foundation. Sixteen projects will be funded for a total commitment of 4.1 million euros.

«It's a hard time for research» said Dean Vincenzo Milanesi. «We have been finally confirmed the provision of  no more than 90 million for PRINs (the Italian Projects of Relevant National Interest). Nevertheless the University of Padova continues to invest in research, also thanks to the CaRiPaRo Foundation. This confirms once more that the perspective of a Polytechnic University in Padova is looked at favorably by most enterprises. It is time that entrepreneurs begin to invest more resources in research, if Italy is to compete with research centers world-wide».

Foundation President Antonio Finotti announced grants for 4 million euros to be made available next year: «16 out of 197 projects were funded with the 2007 call. Among these projects, 450.000 euros were granted to the group of Professor Michele Zorzi, with the objective of using novel technologies for monitoring tasks


See also: full version (Italian).

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